Found Matter is a group of builders, artists and designers who are passionate about re-use. For the past 10 years we have worked to bring new life to unwanted building materials by repurposing them for furniture and fabrication design.  Materials from Kevin Brooks Salvage, our sustainable demolition company, become art in newly-designed restaurant bars, conference tables and home interiors instead of land fill.

Our roots go back to the days when North Philadelphia neighborhoods and industry were being dissected for urban renewal. Found Matter rose from Philadelphia’s rich industrial past, as we rummaged through nineteenth-century architecture, uncovering interesting and unique artifacts. Those early experiences continue to kindle our vision to offer customers an array of original found objects.

Kevin Brooks Salvage and Found Matter share the same vision: To reclaim, re-use, recover, collect and rebuild the city's material past. By adding value to found objects and materials that would otherwise be lost forever, we curate the past and protect the environment for the future.

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